Huawei: Our Smartphone Is Superior Over Nintendo Switch

Huawei: Our Smartphone Is Superior Over Nintendo Switch

Huawei, a Chinese conglomerate that manufactures smartphones, recently announced a new smartphone called Huawei Mate 20 X.

During the company’s presentation, rather than comparing the Mate 20 X to the smartphones Apple and Samsung offer, Huawei made the strange decision of comparing it to Nintendo Switch.

Putting both the Mate 20 X and Switch side-by-side, a Huawei official said the Mate 20 X is a “better portable game machine” than the Nintendo Switch.

Huawei also showed off a “perfectly-matched” Gamepad that could be attached to the top of the phone.

They even compared the screen size, claiming Mate 20 X’s 7.2 inch 1080p display is superior to the 6.2 inch 720p Nintendo Switch LCD screen.

Also compared was the Mate 20 X’s 6.67 hour battery life against the Nintendo Switch’s 3.03 hour battery life.

Other than the points raised above, Huawei did not compare the superior game library Nintendo Switch has to offer against the Mate 20X, and neither did it mention about the smartphone’s specs, which are definitely worse than the Nintendo Switch. What Huawei did at the presentation was comparing apples to oranges.

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Thanks, NixNox.