Hulu SVP Shares App Development Experience On The Switch

Hulu SVP Shares App Development Experience On The Switch

While we are getting mixed responses from Netflix, Hulu seemed to be more open to sharing their experiences on the Nintendo Switch. Having been released since last year, Hulu was the first video streaming app to make it to the Switch

In a Reddit AMA, Hulu’s Senior Vice President of Experience, Ben Smith, answered a bunch of questions, one of which was with regards to developing for the Nintendo Switch.

The SVP praised Nintendo’s great assistance during the development process, which allowed the video streaming app to be the first of its kind on the Switch.

Smith also said that the company is hard at work to bring touch support to the app and is working with Nintendo to make it a possibility.

Nintendo was great to work with, giving us early access to hardware and developer documentation that enabled us to be the first video app on Switch. I use it all the time. Biggest feedback that we’ve gotten and that I feel as a regular user is that it would be better if it supported touch. We are currently working with Nintendo on this.

You can head to the AMA thread here.