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62, rhw, v, uj, c0g, h7, zw, h, Hyperkin Releasing The "Admiral" – A Wireless N64 Controller | NintendoSoup
Hyperkin Releasing The “Admiral” – A Wireless N64 Controller

Hyperkin Releasing The “Admiral” – A Wireless N64 Controller

If you’ve ever wanted to play your Nintendo 64 classics without cord hassles, your dream could soon become a reality.

Hyperkin has announced the Admiral – a new wireless N64 controller which ditches the original three-prong design for a more modern look. Additionally, the controller uses SD memory cards to save data – so you don’t have to deal with the system’s antiquated Controller Paks any longer.

Here’s some preview shots, and the full feature list:

  • Wireless up to 30 ft. via included Bluetooth dongle.
  • Memory card inside dongle allows you to back up and transfer memory pack save data.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 6 hours and recharges via included Micro USB cable.
  • Compatible with all N64 models, as well as PC, Mac, IOS, and Android via Bluetooth.
  • Classic grey color.

While Hyperkin did not confirm a price or a release date, they hinted that the controller should be available sometime in Q1 2019.