Invite Eevee To Your Company For A Field Trip

Invite Eevee To Your Company For A Field Trip

The Pokemon Company has pulled off another huge, unexpected stunt for Project Eevee – Eevee Company Field Trips!

Starting today till March 30, 2018, interested companies can submit an application to The Pokemon Company to invite Eevee to their corporate office for a field trip.

Here’s what Eevee can do during the field trip:

  • Handshake
  • Hug
  • Take a photo together
  • Light exercise
  • Any other requests can be made

And here are the details prospective companies need to send to The Pokemon Company (…

  1. Company name
  2. Address/location
  3. Contact details of company representative
  4. Consent from a managerial level employee for this application
  5. Hot memories of Eevee (eg Devoted to Eevee since 20 years ago)
  6. Where you want Eevee to visit (eg Tour the splendid reception office)
  7. What you want to do with Eevee (eg Everyone in the company takes a photo with Eevee / Make something with Eevee)

A few other details to take note – The Pokemon Company will contact companies up till April 27, 2018, and each field trip will last for about an hour.

Wonder how a field trip will be like? Have a look at Eevee’s visit to Kingjim and Tanita below!

“Can Eevee fit into the elevator?”

Eevee arrives at Kingjim office, greeting the company president.

Playing a game of tag…

Every company president has to “fulfill their promise” at this ceremony.

Eevee arrives at their next stop – Tanita. Here is Eevee trying to learn about body weight and fats…

Lunch time!

Trying to get in shape before meeting the company president.

The vow must be fulfilled.