James Pond Codename: RoboCod Out On Switch eShop Today

James Pond Codename: RoboCod Out On Switch eShop Today

Good news James Pond fans – James Pond Codename: RoboCod has been quietly released on the Nintendo Switch eShop this week.

The game is now available for GBP9,99 in Europe. James Pond Codename: RoboCod is a classic 2D platformer from the 1990s.

Check out the gameplay and details:

James Pond, one of the true gaming legends, returns for his greatest adventure yet in Codename: RoboCod. With scores of mind bending levels, cunningly hidden rooms, topped off with some of the best cartoon-style graphics around makes James Pond – Codename: RoboCod on Nintendo Switch a true collector’s classic.

Urgent communication: James Pond – Codename: RoboCod has got himself embroiled in some very ‘fishy’ business indeed, involving his arch-nemesis, the notorious super-villain…Dr Maybe!

James Pond launches himself back into battle, to thwart the evil Dr Maybe and his dastardly plans for world domination. With help from his amazing new robotic suit, James Pond must traverse bizarre worlds, jumping, squashing, climbing, stretching and squishing Bouncing Bears, Crazy Cadillacs, Whirling Dervishes, Chocolate Mountains and not forgetting devious and wacky ‘end-of level’ Bosses!