Japan: Crazy Scalper Buys Over 400 Boxes Of Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny

Japan: Crazy Scalper Buys Over 400 Boxes Of Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny

In the last few months, Japan has been struggling with shortages of the latest Pokemon TCG GX products, due to the high demand and great popularity of the new GX cards.

A few days ago, a new expansion called Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny was released in Japan. Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny, similar to previous expansions released in the last few months, has been in high demand and pre-orders sold out very quickly.

Making the shortages of Pokemon TCG products worse are scalpers. A scalper called @yatuhashi8888 purchased what appeared to be over 400 boxes of Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny from a Japanese retailer.

One box of Pokemon TCG GX Ultra Shiny contains 10 packs of cards, and as each pack contains 10 cards, the scalper purchased the equivalent of over 40,000 Pokemon TCG cards on launch day. As each box costs 5400 yen (inclusive sales tax), the scalper spent 2.16 million yen on scalping Pokemon TCG cards (USD19,000).

So what did yatuhashi do after buying the boxes? Well, they pulled out all the rare cards and started showing off on Twitter…

Many people were obviously not happy with yatuhashi’s behavior, saying that they have “made children who want Pokemon TCG cards cry” and called them a “very wicked person”. Yatuhashi didn’t give a hoot about whatever people were saying though, as they whipped up a new profile picture of a racoon bathing in a tub of money:

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