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Japan: Premium Bandai Reveals ‘Inhaling! Kirby’ Plush Cushion

Japan: Premium Bandai Reveals ‘Inhaling! Kirby’ Plush Cushion

Kirby fans will soon be able to get up-close and personal with Kirby, thanks to an adorable new cushion.

Premium Bandai Japan has opened preorders for the ‘Inhaling! Kirby’ plush cushion on its website. The cushion let’s owners stick their heads into Kirby’s mouth to simulate the pink puff inhaling them in.

The cushion will be going at a pricey 9,500 yen, and ships in May 2019. We’ll update on whether the NintendoSoup store will be carrying this item.

UPDATE: Inhaling Kirby is now available for pre-order on NintendoSoup Store.

In the meantime, check out the preview by P-Bandai below:

EDIT: The name of the cushion was a rough and inaccurate mis-translation. We have corrected it to “Inhaling Kirby”