Japanese Condemn Father For Destroying His Children’s Nintendo Switch Systems

Japanese Condemn Father For Destroying His Children’s Nintendo Switch Systems

Today we have some shocking news about parents and Nintendo Switch coming from Japan.

Last year, a Japanese father called Shichiri posted an article on their blog, telling readers that they have destroyed three Nintendo Switch systems. The reason? Because his two sons “tricked them”, so they had to make them “pay for their mistakes”.

Shichiri justified his actions by saying that they have a house rule which states that their sons could not play the Nintendo Switch on weekdays. All Nintendo Switch systems have to be stored in a deposit box from Monday to Friday.

One day, Shichiri noticed something strange – his sons weren’t able to “wake up early” and they always looked drowsy. As he suspected something was amiss, Shichiri checked the deposit box, and realized there were only 2 Nintendo Switch consoles (one owned by each son), which means they couldn’t have played without his permission.

But after searching their room, Shichiri found another Nintendo Switch. That was when he realized he has been fooled by his sons – a friend had borrowed their sons a Nintendo Switch to fool Shichiri into thinking their consoles were inside the deposit box. That way, they managed to play games all night.

Shichiri later wrote that his sons have cleverly fooled him. “How cute of them”, he wrote. Shichiri came up with the “perfect punishment” to discipline his children – by destroying not only his sons’ consoles, but their friend’s console as well:

Shichiri’s sons cried the moment they saw their broken Nintendo Switch consoles. Shichiri even phoned the parent of their sons’ friend’s to apologize for breaking their Nintendo Switch. However, Shichiri claimed that because his sons’ friend was involved in their “evil scheme”, their friend was “equally guilty” and had to be “punished” for their actions. He patted himself on the back for turning his son’s friend into “their monster”, and gave a bunch of tips to parents on how to discipline their child.

Though the article was posted in 2018, it went viral a few days ago in Japan, with many condemning the parent for their actions. Here is how the Japanese reacted to the article:

“You’re the monster!”

“What a terrible parent.”

“Oi! The person who runs this blog is also a company director. Is his company fine? Someone please fire him!”

“This is the worst parent I’ve ever seen. His ethics are extremely questionable.”

“Why do such people who terrify their children exist? They are a bad influence to the world.”

“I think it’s fine for him to destroy his kid’s belonging, but it’s a crime to destroy someone else’s stuff.”

“This guy is a psychopath.”

As of December 16, 2019 Japan Time, the article has been taken down from the blog.

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UPDATE – We have changed the father’s name from Nanasato to Shichiri.