Karaoke JOYSOUND For Nintendo Switch Now Available On The eShop

Karaoke JOYSOUND For Nintendo Switch Now Available On The eShop

You can now sing along with family and friends on the Nintendo Switch as Karaoke JOYSOUND has been released as a free download on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

Karaoke JOYSOUND provides access to over 140,000 popular songs in Japanese and other languages, including songs such as Nintendo’s Jump Up, Super Star! To access the service you’ll need to purchase tickets, which are sold in the following denominations (prices exclusive of 8% tax):

3 Hour Ticket: 300 yen

24 Hour Ticket: 500 yen

30 Day Ticket: 1400 yen

90 Day Ticket: 2800 yen

As you can tell if you are someone who frequently uses Karaoke JOYSOUND you probably would want to get the 30 or 90 Day Ticket.

Karaoke JOYSOUND on Nintendo Switch is also compatible with the free Karaoke JOYSOUND mobile app, which allows users to easily choose the songs they want to play next. In addition it’s compatible with the Wii U microphone in TV Mode (so you can hear your voice from the Switch), available for purchase on My Nintendo Store.

Check out a trailer for Karaoke JOYSOUND below as well as a bunch of screenshots. Visit the official site here.



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