Kickstarter: Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe For The Game Boy Color

Kickstarter: Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe For The Game Boy Color

Earlier this month, First Press Games launched a Kickstarter for an updated re-release of their 2017 Game Boy game Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe for the Game Boy Color.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the original Tobu Tobu Girl was a retro-style platform game designed to run on Game Boy hardware. The game was highly acclaimed upon its release in 2017, even receiving a limited physical run that sold out within hours.

Today, First Press Games is looking to release Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe, an enhanced Game Boy Color edition of the game similar to the “Deluxe remakes” of old. Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe will not only take full advantage of the GBC’s broader color pallet, but will also be backwards compatible with the Game Boy. Like its predecessor, the game will release both as a free ROM and in a limited physical run.

You can check out the Kickstarter trailer below, along with a few additional details. The Kickstarter itself can be found here.

Taking the cat for a walk with a balloon wasn’t the best idea after all! After an unfortunate accident, the girl’s pet friend went floating into the atmosphere and she needs to go skyward to save her furry companion. She must now jump, stomp, dash and flap her arms to maneuver around perilous obstacles while racing against the clock to retrieve her pet friend before it is too late!

Tobu Tobu Girl is an arcade-style platforming game for Game Boy® that will challenge even the most skilled players with new, randomly generated obstacle patterns in each run. The game will enchant you with its beautifully crafted pixel art, tight controls and an earworm-inducing 8-bit soundtrack. Longivity is ensured with unlockables, various difficulty levels, battery backed-up highscores and motivating scoring mechanics.

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