Kirby Star Allies Datamined, Story And Gameplay Details Leaked

Kirby Star Allies Datamined, Story And Gameplay Details Leaked

Dataminers have uncovered a treasure trove of story and gameplay details from the Kirby Star Allies demo that launched a few days ago.

Have a look at all of the details below. Beware of spoilers!

Gameplay Spoilers

– The game seems to have a very meaty postgame. King Dedede, Metaknight, and Bandana Waddle Dee are all playable in a new metaknightmare-esque mode. You can also play as the helpers in this mode.

– The way the arena works has changed. You can die and still continue on it, but you will lose points. To make up for this, there is now a difficulty selector! Here they are:

Sweet Breeze
Mild Stroll
Zesty Expedition
Spicy Adventure
Sizzling Threat
Fiery Showdown
Infernal Crisis
Soul Melter

The last 3 are apparently unlockable difficulties. Seems like this Kirby game will have the toughest arena yet!

-There are 40 stages, and 4 worlds. First 3 are Dream Land, Pop Star, and Jambastion.

-The 4th world appears to be a planet hopping adventure similar to Super Star’s milky way wishes. Dont be fooled by the 4 worlds thing, seems like this game has a reasonable amount of content, with about 45% of it being in this new final world!

-Galacta Knight comes back, well sorta…

Plot Spoilers

– Seems like the basic plot is that the creature in the hood, “Hyness”, is part of a cult that worships Dark Matter. He goes on an insane rant about it being his “Dark Lord”s Birthday, and seeks to revive him.

– The final boss is named Void Termina, and it seems to be the resurrection of Zero / Dark Matter. In the EX mode flavor, it seems to imply that Dark Matter is immortal in some way, and is reincarnted throughout the ages.

-Void Zero was defeated by 4 “heroes of yore” that used heart spears in the distant past. Some people are speculating that Galacta Knight is one of these heroes? This is all according to a scroll on Void Zero that the ancients (the same guys who made the Star Rod, NOVA, the master crown, etc) wrote!

-It seerms like Galacta Knight was sealed by none other than Dark Matter, and it seems to have driven him crazy. There’s another one called “Morpho Knight”? Seems to be a boss that Galacta Knight summons.

The 3 mage generals are sisters, and Hyness seems to be sorta abusive to them, using them as meat puppets in his battle.