Kou Shibusawa Involved In The Development Of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Kou Shibusawa Involved In The Development Of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Today we have some interesting news concerning the development of Fire Emblem: Three Houses from a Weekly Famitsu interview.

Thanks to a NintendoSoup translation, it’s been revealed that Kou Shibusawa, a producer and game creator at Koei Tecmo and also the name for a group of Koei Tecmo simulation titles such as the Sangokushi series and Winning Post series, is involved with the development of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

According to the interview, after the launch of Fire Emblem Fates, Intelligent Systems started planning for the next Fire Emblem 3DS title.

After Fire Emblem Echoes was launched, Intelligent Systems started having serious discussions on the next Fire Emblem mainline game for Switch. It was during this time they decided to look for a company they could cooperate with to make this game as they planned to release it in 2019.

During the development of Fire Emblem Warriors, Intelligent Systems was introduced to the team at Kou Shibusawa, and so they decided to work together. Both teams also decided that the concept for Fire Emblem: Three Houses was to be the balance of the world with Three Kingdoms.

Intelligent Systems was responsible for directing and designing the game, while Kou Shibusawa tackled advising and programming the game. Thanks to the “infinite” experience of Kou Shibusawa, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has 2 to 3 times volume of content as compared to 1 single game.

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