Level-5: Ushiro Development Has Not Started Yet

Level-5: Ushiro Development Has Not Started Yet

Yesterday, the Weekly Famitsu revealed that Level-5’s canceled spirit horror RPG Ushiro for PSP in 2008 has been moved to Nintendo Switch.

Today, we have more details straight from Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino on Ushiro. First, Hino said Enterbrain president and former Weekly Famitsu editor-in-chief Hirokazu asked Level-5 whether it would be okay to leave Ushiro on the magazine’s weekly schedule. Hino said he was fine with it.

That gave them the idea to move Ushiro to Nintendo Switch, which was what happened. Development has not started yet, but there are things Level-5 wants to do in Ushiro which they could not do in Yo-Kai Watch.

Lastly, Hino revealed that there are new creators at Level-5 who want to work on Ushiro.

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