Have A Look At Pokemon Center’s New Year 2018 Merchandise

Have A Look At Pokemon Center’s New Year 2018 Merchandise

In just two months, we will all be celebrating the new year! Time really flies, huh?

2 weeks after the Pokemon Center Christmas 2017 merchandise launches, the New Year 2018 merchandise will be ringing in at Pokemon Centers in Japan. Let’s take a look at some highlights.

The star of the show is a Snowman Rowlet plush with a mandarin orange on it!

Next up is a Calabash style Pikachu plush.

As for the Daruma style plush, Litten is taking its place!

And of course, a mini Pokemon New Year Pine Decoration.

The Pokemon Center New Year 2018 merchandise launches November 11, 2017 at Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Stores, and Amazon Japan. We’ll let you know once it’s up for purchase on Amazon Japan.

The full merchandise list and images can be found below.

Plush Rowlet Mochi 1,600 yen(★)
Plush Calabash Pikachu 900 yen(★)
Plush Daruma Litten 900 yen(★)
Mini New Year Pine Decoration New Year 2018 740 yen(★)
Mini Shimekazari New Year 2018 740 yen(★)
A4 Clear File (2 in a set) New Year 2018 400 yen
New Year Card 2018(2 in a set) 290 yen
Metal Charm Set New Year 2018 720 yen(★)
Washi Stickers New Year 2018 450 yen
Kinchaku Pouch Rowlet Mochi 600 yen(★)
Gauze Handkerchief Seal Design 500 yen(★)

Items marked with(★) will be available on Amazon Japan.

Prices exclusive of 8% sales tax.