Have A Look At The Pokemon Z-Power Ring Set And New Z-Crystals

Have A Look At The Pokemon Z-Power Ring Set And New Z-Crystals

Takara Tomy is releasing a brand new Z-Power Ring accessory to coincide with the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon worldwide.

Besides the Z-Power Ring, the company is releasing a Z-Crystal Board and 3 new sets of Z-Crystals in Japan.

All of these products are now available for pre-order on Amazon Japan and are eligible for international shipping. Throughout this article we have prepared links to those products in case you wanna pre-order.

First up is the Pokemon Z-Power Ring Set. The set comes with a Z-Power Ring, which can be connected to your Nintendo 3DS while playing Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, as well as 4 Z-Crystals, Z-Power Collector’s Board, and finally a special Ash Pikachu Pokemon Gaore card. Pre-order here.

Next up is a Z-Crystal Collector’s Board. This is different from the one that is included with the Z-Power Ring Set, as this collector’s board won’t fit Z-Power Crystals but ordinary ones instead. Pre-order here.

Now it’s time for some new Z-Crystals. The first set is the Satoshi/Ash Set. The Crystals included in this set are Electric Z, Normal Z, Decidueye Z, Incineroar Z, and finally Aloraichium Z. Pre-order here.

The second volume of Z-Crystals is called the Rotom Pokedex Set. It comes with Steel Z, Psychic Z, Bug Z, Pikachu Z, and Marshadow Z. Pre-order here.

Finally we’re down to the third volume of new Z-Crystals. This set is called Lana & Lillie set. The set comprises of Fairy Z, Ice Z, Eevee Z, Mew Z, and Primarina Z. Pre-order yours here.