Lost Sphear Original Soundtrack Announced For Japan

Lost Sphear Original Soundtrack Announced For Japan

Square-Enix has announced an original soundtrack for Lost Sphear, which launched in Japan on Nintendo Switch earlier this month.

The soundtrack has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 2500 yen/USD22 (exclusive of sales tax) and is scheduled to launch on November 22, 2017. The OST comes in two discs which have a combined total of 50 tracks.

Below you can find the official track list, OST artwork, and special OST artwork that is only available on the Japanese Square-Enix official store.

01 The world of memory
02 Nostalgia
03 Brief rest
04 Hope journey
05 Beautiful nature
06 Memory to be spun
07 Victory fanfare
08 Outcome of growth
09 Echoes of the Heart
10 Wiping away tears
11 Invitation for curiosity
12 Surrounded
13 Ready to go
14 Hope poetry
15 Machinistic capital
16 Funny store
17 Great bustle
18 Overwhelming
19 Loyalty to the emperor
20 Pride of the lord
21 Pushing crisis
22 Truth of pain
23 Struggle
24 Awe of glory

01 A sign of fortune
02 Beyond the Ocean
03 Emptiness within
04 Fertile land
05 Awakening
06 Reflective thoughts
07 Friendship
08 The moon illuminates
09 Chaotic ruler
10 Infinite route
11 Seal ruins
12 The twilight of sphear
13 False blessing
14 The world of fragments
15 Beginning place
16 The end of myth
17 Light sphear
18 Level up
19 To the next stage
20 Appreciation
21 Bond tied
22 Eight wonder
23 Disconnected hope
24 Repose
25 Originator
26 Decisive fight


The Lost Sphear Original Soundtrack is now available for pre-order on Amazon Japan and ships internationally. Grab yours here.