LoveR Kiss Launches 27 Feb. 2020 In Japan, Differences Between Switch And PS4 Versions Detailed

LoveR Kiss Launches 27 Feb. 2020 In Japan, Differences Between Switch And PS4 Versions Detailed

Looking to some romance in the upcoming LoveR Kiss on Switch or PS4? Well, you might want to read up and find out which console version is more worth diving into!

Kadokawa Games have confirmed that the simulation game will be hitting Nintendo Switch and PS4 on 27 February 2020, with retail copies going for 7,800 yen. A “Costume Deluxe Pack” edition of LoveR Kiss (containing 20 extra costumes) will also be available for 9,800 yen at retail.

In addition to this, Kadokawa Games also revealed that the Switch and PS4 versions would have content differences between them. The most notable differences are that the Switch version will feature more jiggle physics and even daily cycles for what underwear the girls wear – the latter of which will not be available in the PS4 version at all.

However, the Switch version will come with its own caveats. Namely, some background visuals will be absent – and there will be no video recording function available.

Check out the full details below, courtesy of Gematsu:

Updated Features

  • Himari Saiki Added as a Romantic Interest – In addition to the charming six girls illustrated by Taro Mino, the teacher Himari Saiki has been added as a romantic interest. Experience a love themed after a “love experiment” with an older woman who looks good with glasses.
  • Gyro Controls – By using the Switch as a camera and tilting the hardware, you can change the shooting angle and take photographs with a virtual feel. On PlayStation 4, tilting the DualShock 4 controller changes the shooting angle, and you can requests the girls to do poses through voice input. Whichever platform you choose, you can experience an immersive Photo Session.
  • Himari Added to Free Photo Sessions – Just like the other girls, you will be able to freely take photographs of Himari. The new “Chemistry Room” location has also been added.
  • Pair Photo Sessions – Through Pair Photo Sessions, you can take photographs of two girls at once. Choose actions like “cute pose” or “sexy pose,” adjust the girls’ positioning or direction, and take your own original photographs.
  • Weekday Underwear Changes – Through Weekday Underwear Changes, the girls will change their underwear each day of the week. For the weekend, their underwear takes on a somewhat sexier impression. (This feature is a Switch-only feature.)

Version Differences

Switch PlayStation 4
Backgrounds Some backgrounds (distant views, etc.) have been omitted Fully depicted (no change from LoveR)
Gyro Controls ✓ (in handheld mode, the device can be operated like a real camera)
Voice Input n/a
Unlock Conditions for Conversation Keywords Unlocked by play time only Unlocked by voice input or play time
Addition of Mid-Conversation Touch Points n/a (no change from LoveR)
Jiggle Physics Big Small (no change from LoveR)
Underwear Details Detailed patterns Plain (no change from LoveR)
Weekday Underwear Change ✓ (the girls change underwear each day of the week) n/a
Video Recording n/a

For now, there are no plans for LoveR Kiss to head to western shores. We’ll report back if that ever changes. Stay tuned.