Luigi’s Mansion 3 Developers Reveal Why They Chose A Hotel Setting, Their Favorite Ghosts, and More

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Developers Reveal Why They Chose A Hotel Setting, Their Favorite Ghosts, and More

Want to learn more about the ghostly depths of Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Recently, Nintendo held an internal interview with the game’s Producer Mr. Tanabe and Supervisor Mr. Ikebata. In particular, they talk about why they chose the hotel setting for Luigi’s Mansion 3 – among other topics.

Check out these highlights from the full interview below:

Why does the game take place in a hotel?

T: With a hotel, it’s easy to envision how rooms are structured: they are lined up above, below, and beside each other. For instance, if you are in room 102, you would immediately know that room 202 was directly above you.

In the beginning, we thought about focusing on puzzles that happened in rooms that were just next to each other, side by side. But by having rooms above and below, it kind of adds to the amount of stuff that we can do from a puzzle perspective. For example, if you see water dripping down from the floor above, the player will understand that they need to explore the room above them. It can be difficult to visualize a building’s layout in your head, so we felt the structure of a hotel would be easy to understand.

I: The atmosphere completely changes when you progress from floor to floor, so we’ve prepared various puzzles that match their atmospheres. By making each floor a different atmosphere, I believe we’ve been able to create puzzles with more depth.

Which ghost is a personal favorite?

T: Since I learned film in college, I like the movie director ghost that was introduced in the Treehouse: Live segment. Because I understand the passion and feeling behind movie directors, it’s something I could relate to.

I: Polterpup is my favorite. It’s a character that we created in a previous game…and he’s kind of a handful. Its mischievous personality may surprise you, but I think that’s also its charm.

What makes Luigi a compelling character to play as?

T: If Mario represents what most people think of as a “hero,” I think Luigi represents the “underdog.” I think his unreliable persona is also Luigi’s charm. Only Luigi can have those comical interactions with the ghosts.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.