Mary Skelter 2 For Switch Receives More Details About Job Classes, Blood Packs, Customization, And More

Mary Skelter 2 For Switch Receives More Details About Job Classes, Blood Packs, Customization, And More

Wondering how deep the rabbit hole can get in Mary Skelter 2 for Nintendo Switch? Idea Factory International has released a wealth of new English info that outlines more of the game’s sprawling array of mechanics!

This time, we get a nice overview of more RPG systems in the game – such as job classes that change your party’s appearances, Blood Farms where players can grow flowers for rare items, and much more. Check out the full details below:


Each of the Blood Maidens is able to change into 5 different jobs. Changing jobs will alter the Blood Maiden’s abilities, gear they can equip, and even how they look, greatly affecting the dynamics of battle.

The types of jobs available for each Blood Maiden differs. For example, Hameln has access to jobs that specialize in close range combat, such as Paladin and Destroyer. For Little Mermaid, she has access to jobs that specialize in the use of magic, such as Counselor and Blood Witch.

Of course, there are more jobs available to each of the characters, for example…
・Gretel can access jobs that specialize in using unique powers.
・Rapunzel can access jobs that offer balance and utility.
・Kaguya can access jobs that specialize in striking from afar.

Each character has a themed job table they can access befitting their nature.

Use the job system to your advantage, and form your very own party to use in your expeditions!

Otsuu’s jobs are completely different from those of the other Blood Maidens. Because she can access a variety of jobs, she can fill in any missing piece in any party’s set-up, or you can assign a role that doubles down on a party’s strengths.

Think well, and choose wisely to create the strongest party ever!

Blood Packs

Aside from the normal skills learned through Skill Creation, there are special skills that can be learned from using Blood Packs!

Blood Packs can be acquired from Blood Farm harvesting and by finding them in dungeons. Note that you will need to first appraise the Blood Packs in order to use them.

Once appraised, use them on your Blood Maidens to awaken new powers!

Blood Farm

Inside dungeons, players can raise Blood Flowers – special flowers that can be grown in Blood Farms and fully bloom into special items. Splash Marchen Blood on your Blood Flowers for a higher chance of getting rarer items.


Provide Blood Maidens gifts or interior items to increase their affection. Once you reach a certain affection level, a Blood Maiden may give you special items and also unlock special CGs.

Blood Devolution

The Blood Devolution system allows players to reset a Blood Maiden’s level to a lower level, so players can level up the character again to gain better stats and skills. While it is beneficial to gain new stats and skills, Blood Devolution can be difficult for players since they will have to relearn skills they’ve used previously.

Skill Customization

When Blood Maidens level up, they gain CP that can be used to level up skills and learn new ones. Players can also use the skills learned across different jobs, which allows players to craft a unique Blood Maiden!

Mary Skelter 2 will be hitting the US Switch eShop on October 22, and the EU on October 23. As a bonus, players that get to certain point of the game will unlock Mary Skelter: Nightmares – a revamped version of the first game.

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