Mary Skelter 2 Switch Receives New Profiles For Hameln, Gretel, Rapunzel, And Kaguya

Mary Skelter 2 Switch Receives New Profiles For Hameln, Gretel, Rapunzel, And Kaguya

Want to learn more about the femme fatale cast of Mary Skelter 2 for Nintendo Switch?

Idea Factory International has released new profiles for four more playable characters in the game. They are Hameln, Gretel, Rapunzel, And Kaguya – whom will be accompanying Otsuu and Little Mermaid on their quest to survive in The Jail.

Mary Skelter 2 will be hitting the US and EU Switch eShop on October 22 and October 23 respectively. Check out the profiles in further detail below.

A curious girl found during Otsuu’s exploration in the underground caverns.
She is powerful enough to rule the denizens of the underground caverns, but she seems to have a hard time saying her lines straight, and can be found tripping on herself, which makes it hard for many to take her seriously.At first, she called herself the “Demon King,” defeating the many Marchens in the underground caverns, but now that she gained friends, she apparently “changed jobs,” and is now a self-proclaimed “Hero.”


An odd girl who lives in the prison with her brother, “Hansel.”
She’s curious and inquisitive, but what doesn’t interest her is met with a lack of emotion. Her speech indicates a lack of awareness of common morals.

She can be detached in her outlook, even in the face of trouble. She teases Hameln quite often, too.


A golden-haired Blood Maiden. She is very bright and lively, and can be found biting Little Mermaid and calling her “Fishy.”

She seems to get along well with Otsuu, Little Mermaid, and the others, and her honesty and purity often helps bring calm and resolution to the other Blood Maidens.


An optimistic girl who has a gentle and calm aura about her. She is found during the groups’ explorations in her Blood Skelter state. She rides and fights on her special ride, “Bamboo One,” and carries with her seven mysterious objects that she puts to good use, such as a water sprayer.

For some reason she seems very anxious when someone says something that may make her sound like a burden…