Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Contains Leftover 3DS Code

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Contains Leftover 3DS Code

Hackers have poked around Mega Man Legacy Collection 2’s code and found leftover text referring to the Nintendo 3DS.

Based on their findings, there were strings referring to the Nintendo 3DS local play functionality, and even its sleep mode functionality. The hackers also found a few messages that were meant to be displayed when the game is saving data to the SD card – something impossible on the PS4 or PC versions of the game.

There are three possibilities as to what the leftover code could mean. First, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 could be in development for Nintendo 3DS and launch somewhere in the future. Second, the game was initially planned to launch on Nintendo 3DS, but it has been scrapped. Third, these strings came from “an unrelated project from the same development”.

If you want to find out more about the leftover code, check out this website.

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