Mega Maze Now Available For Free On The WiiU Eshop

Mega Maze Now Available For Free On The WiiU Eshop

Today we have some interesting news to report about a console that’s been out of the limelight for a long time…the WiiU.

The game “Mega Maze” is now available as a free download on the WiiU’s eshop. Originally released in 2017, it is a game where players can navigate and build their own maze puzzles. Curiously, the game is only free for North America. If you happen to live in that region and still have your WiiU, you may want to consider checking it out if you’re interested.

You can check out its original trailer below along with a few more details:

Enter the virtual labyrinths of Mega Maze and challenge your spatial awareness capabilities to not simply find the exit, but to also find a way to unlock the path to it.
Utilize the transparent walls and breadcrumb trails to navigate your way through mazes as you collect keys and open doors. Enter through teleporters and jump down the occasional hole as you make your way to your destination.

Build your own challenges for other players using the maze editor with everything at your disposal to make multi-floor puzzles. Share your creations Online and compete for the fastest completion time.

Features 60 stock puzzles, Online leaderboards, a Maze Editor, play and share custom mazes online, multiple floors, keys, doors, holes, key fragments, one way and two way teleporters.

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