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l, Metallic Child Receives Second Official Trailer, Early 2020 Launch Window Listed | NintendoSoup
Metallic Child Receives Second Official Trailer, Early 2020 Launch Window Listed

Metallic Child Receives Second Official Trailer, Early 2020 Launch Window Listed

Excited for Metallic Child on Nintendo Switch? Now you can get another extensive look at its fluid combat and backstory.

Studio HG has released a new trailer for the action-brawler game, which you can check out below. Aside from extended cuts of gameplay, we also get some snippets of what looks to be a tragic tale behind the main character. The trailer description also mentions a launch window of Early 2020a little later than originally assumed.

‘Metallic Child’ is a Roguelike action game.

It is currently under development and will be released in early 2020.

You can play on PC & Console.

We’ll report back when we get more details about Metallic Child.