Minecraft Deluxe Collection Launched For Switch

Minecraft Deluxe Collection Launched For Switch

Nintendo and Mojang have released a special version of Minecraft on Switch.

The Minecraft: Deluxe Collection is now available to purchase on Switch, put together specifically for the console. It includes the base game, 1600 Minecoins, the Super Mario Mash-Up DLC, as well as other bonuses such as three skin packs, a texture pack, five character creation items, and three emotes.

“Experience all the different ways to explore, survive, and build in Minecraft with Minecraft: Deluxe Collection! Browse endless community created content in the Minecraft Marketplace, discover new play styles through different maps, and express yourself with Character Creator items and emotes. Gather your friends or gear up for a solo mission, you’re ready for all the many ways to play Minecraft!

“The Deluxe Collection includes this added content in addition to Minecraft: 1600 Minecoins; six maps (Super Mario Mash-up, Skyblock One Block, Hacker Tools, Pets Collection, Parkour Spiral, and Original Bed Wars); three skin packs (Spy Mobs, Cute Anime Teens, and Cute Mob Skins), one texture pack (Clarity), five Character Creator items, and three emotes.”

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