Minecraft New Mob “The Bogged” Revealed

Minecraft New Mob “The Bogged” Revealed

Mojang has revealed a new mob that is in development for Minecraft.

The new mob is called “The Bogged”, and is a poisonous variant of the skeleton that shoots poison arrows. It will be added to the game as part of the Version 1.21 update.

Check out a video of it in action below, along with additional details via Mojang:

Ah, Valentine’s Day! While this might not be a day that you typically associate with poison skeletons, I’m here to broaden your mind. Couldn’t a poison skeleton be just the right thing to talk about this Valentine’s Day? All those flying poison arrows. The affectionate gurgle as they walk towards you. The loving look in their eyes as they spawn from the trial spawner?

Introducing our Valentine this year – a new hostile mob. The bogged!

The bogged is a loveable new mob coming to testing as part of the 1.21 Update. Even the name sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Bogged. Reminds me of deep mud, and maybe some noxious gases? Perfect for this, the love-iest day of the year!

The bogged is a new skeleton variant that fires poison-tipped (cupids?) arrows. You can sometimes find the bogged in the trial chambers (coming with the 1.21 Update), as well as elsewhere in Minecraft. If you’re really keen to set up a date with them, perhaps take a wander into the swamp or mangrove swamp!

Just like skeletons, the bogged is an undead mob, so sunlight is a big red flag (as in “it sets the bogged on fire” red). Also, unlike the skeletons, its arrows are poison-tipped, which means they’ll leave you with a lovely poisoned effect, turning your health bar a romantic green color!

If you want to meet the bogged face to video, check out our short!If you want to send a Valentine’s card test the bogged, you can do that by today by playing the latest Snapshot, or soon by playing the latest Preview or Beta!

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