Model Debut2 #nicola Announced For Switch

Model Debut2 #nicola Announced For Switch

An official sequel to the modelling sim Model Debut #nicola is now on its way to Switch owners!

FuRyu has revealed that Model Debut2 #nicola will hit Nintendo Switch on 4 November 2021 in Japan. Like the first game, this sequel will also see players working their way upwards to become a top model – with new customization features and more!

You can find the official website for the game over here. Here’s a quick synopsis of the game below:

MODEL Debut2 #nicola is a model simulation game in which the player debuts as the newest model of a small production company, and aims to become a top model while enjoying fashion and modelling work, and even romance from time to time.

The game’s fashion items have been overseen by “nicola,” the number-one magazine for teens. From girly to Jirai Kei, you can enjoy a wide variety of fashions, as well as trends like hair and makeup made up of exquisite colors and nuances.

Additionally, by connecting to the Internet, you can share your fashions with players across the country. There is also functionality to enhance your fashion sense