More Omega Labyrinth Life Gameplay Details And Mechanics Revealed

More Omega Labyrinth Life Gameplay Details And Mechanics Revealed

More details for Omega Labyrinth Life have been revealed in a recent Famitsu Live-stream.

The game’s producer Yosuke Uchida was present to talk about new mechanics in the upcoming dungeon crawler RPG. He also spoke about its target audience.

Here are the highlights of the stream:

  • The subtitle ‘Life’ comes from the new feature of enjoying life at a private girl’s academy.

  • The game is aimed towards a more casual audience, and comes with a clear tutorial for beginners at the start.

  • Using the right stick, you can move a virtual hand around the girl’s image on the status screen and poke them; this can also be done with touchscreen controls in handheld mode.

  • Randomly-generated dungeons may now have ‘Flower Garden’ rooms – which contain flower seeds.

  • Flower seeds aren’t helpful in dungeons, but can be used back at the academy.

  • At the end of dungeons, you can try win for extra experience and items by using a ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ ticket.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors is done with boobs, and even a draw will give you a reduced beneficial effect.

  • At the academy, you can talk to various characters and explore your surroundings.

  • Time will pass at the academy, letting you see it in different settings.

  • You can take care of flowers at the academy, and harvest nectar for special events.

If that all seems like a mouthful, you can check out the full live-stream itself below (starts from 11:35)

Omega Labyrinth Life is currently on schedule to launch in 2019 for Japan. Plans for a western localization are still unknown.