Moto Rush GT Heading To Switch This April, Supports Nintendo Labo

Moto Rush GT Heading To Switch This April, Supports Nintendo Labo

Baltoro Games has announced a new arcade racing game called Moto Rush GT for Nintendo Switch.

What makes Moto Rush GT unique is its support for Nintendo Labo. Moto Rush GT will support the Toy-Con Motorbike right out of the box. It’s also playable with Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Moto Rush GT is scheduled to arrive in April 2019 on the Nintendo eShop. Check out the first screenshots and details below:

Dust off your Labo kit and ride in our exciting game!
Racers beware!

Moto Rush GT is coming to Nintendo Switch in April! A well-polished, dynamic and fast-paced racer aimed at both adults and kids. The game offers multiple game modes and bikes… and they will arrive soon!

Moto Rush GT was born out of two things: our love for classic arcade racers (including Outrun, Super Hang-on or some modern ones like Traffic Rider) and our love for Nintendo Labo.

Entirely playable with Joy-Con, Pro Controller and Toy-Con Motorbike.

Moto Rush GT offers something for both arcade and Labo players! A unique mix between an endless runner and an arcade racing game that can be picked up by beginners and veterans alike.

A quick fact sheet:

  • Over 100 levels!
  • 12 bikes that can be customized, changed and recolored!
  • Endless racing experience!
  • Optional Nintendo Toy-Con support – play with your LABO!
  • 60fps and fast-paced gameplay!
  • Race against time, ghost opponents or try various challenges!
  • Tilt support – play by rotating your console!
  • 4 different modes balanced for both adults and kids!
  • Weather and day-night cycle effects: night, rain and storms!
  • Inspired by arcade culture games and six-generation era racers!