Nanica Smitch Knock-Off Console Pops Up At Retailers

Nanica Smitch Knock-Off Console Pops Up At Retailers

If you know any unsuspecting parents who are still shopping for Christmas gifts, you might want to warn them about this Nintendo Switch imposter.

Various fans have spotted a particular knock-off console making the rounds at some retail stores – titled the ‘Nanica Smitch‘. As you can see above, it bears an uncanny resemblance to genuine Nintendo Switch consoles, and even plasters an image of Mario (most certainly without Nintendo’s permission) on the box.

What games does it even play? Well, it definitely doesn’t accept Switch cartridges. The video below exposes the fake for what it is: a glorified emulator loaded with dozens of illegal ROMs.

This is definitely one unpleasant surprise that you wouldn’t want to receive on Christmas morning! While the knock-off console is fair easy to distinguish from the real deal, we still urge holiday shoppers out there to stay alert.