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NBA 2K19 Now Most Successful Launch For Series To Date

NBA 2K19 Now Most Successful Launch For Series To Date

It looks like sports game NBA 2K19 is selling gangbusters this year.

Publisher 2K has released new details about the game’s stellar performance in 2018. Apparently, the title has broken sales records to become the biggest launch for the NBA 2K series overall.

Check out the highlights below, courtesy of GoNintendo:

– best-selling sports game of 2018
– highest launch revenue sales for any sports game since tracking began in 1995 (NPD figures)
– grew 10 percent over last year’s release
– downloads of the game also increased significantly
– 70% increase in recurring revenue
– NBA 2K Online in China grew 85% following the launch of NBA 2K Online 2 in August