Netflix Says Fortnite Is Their Biggest Competitor

Netflix Says Fortnite Is Their Biggest Competitor

Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming service, has published their earnings report today.

In the company’s earnings report, Netflix claims that their biggest competitor are not streaming services such as Hulu or HBO, but rather Fortnite. It may sound strange to hear that Netflix is competing with a free-to-play video game, but here’s why.

Netflix said that they had over 139 million paying subscriptions as of the end of 2018, which is lower than the 200 million registered users that are playing Fortnite. “Consumer screen time”, Netflix’s most valuable metric, is something the company is competing with Fortnite for, as both the video streaming service and game are fighting for people’s share of time.

In the report, Netflix said they are losing out to Fortnite in terms of consumer screen time, even more than video streaming service HBO.

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