Never Give Up Coming To Nintendo Switch

Never Give Up Coming To Nintendo Switch

Armor Game Studios has announced their super hard platformer Never Give Up is heading to Nintendo Switch.

Never Give Up will be released August 13, 2019 via Nintendo eShop in the west.

Check out the trailer and details:

Never Give Up is a face-smackingly hard platformer about one stickman’s adventure to find himself. Break free of the testing environment, roam across the land, battle bosses, and die over and over and over again as you seek your truth. Each level gets harder by layering in more challenges and obstacles whenever you succeed, and you’ll need quick reflexes to keep from getting splattered all over the scenery again and again.

Iterative level design lets players build their mastery while generating new challenges at every turn.
We warned you that this game is hard, and every time you fail we’re going to make fun of you until you GIVE UP. It builds character.
Unique GIVE UP button lets you take the coward’s way out without stopping your in-game advancement.
Built-in splits timer for speedrunners let you track every piece of route optimization on every iteration.
Do you like seeing clowns, robots, alligators and mimes dismembered by buzzsaws? Us too. Unlock all 20 costumes by finding collectibles and secrets in each level!
One of the Game Grumps! Egoraptor! Yes, Arin Hanson voices the dashingly handsome and occasionally dismembered BLUE!