New Lapis X Labyrinth Trailer Calls Forth All Adventurers

New Lapis X Labyrinth Trailer Calls Forth All Adventurers

NIS America has released a new trailer for Lapis X Labyrinth, which will be releasing for Switch May 28.

This new trailer for the 2D dungeon-crawling action game provides a brief overview of the game’s eight classes, along with a snappy summary of gameplay and mechanics.

Check the trailer out for yourself below, along with some additional details about each of the eight character classes.

Bored? Broke? Able to hold a weapon?
Well, have we got the position for you!

Ignite the adventuring spirit with the newest trailer for Lapis x Labyrinth, out on May 28 for Nintendo Switch™ and PS4™!  With 8 different character classes to choose from, there’s no excuse to skip out on joining this zany guild!!

Rumors have it that the Hunter hails from a clan shrouded in shadows that move swiftly in the dark. The beautiful Necromancer practices her forbidden magic and toys with her enemies. No one practices harder (or eats more) than the Shielder; good thing the Maid loves to cook–her combat skills are splendid as well!

The Gunner may be on the run from the law, but his superior marksmanship earns him a permanent spot. The Witch wipes away all with her wide elemental spells. The Destroyer‘s enormous sword can be heard swinging from even below the Labyrinth. The Bishop will heal you up or break you down…depending on which side of her spear you’re on!

Which classes would you choose? Keep your choice in mind and live the action when Lapis x Labyrinth becomes available May 29!


As previously stated, Lapis X Labyrinth is due to launch on Switch May 28 2019.

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