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New Thief And Rifleman Units Revealed For Wargroove

New Thief And Rifleman Units Revealed For Wargroove

Developer Chucklefish has revealed another two new units that will be added to Wargroove in its upcoming free update.

The two new units are the Thief and the Rifleman, both of whom appear to be part of the Outlaw faction. This reveal comes shortly after a new Outlaw Commander was revealed to be part of the update. You can check out an overview of the new units below, as posted in the official update post:

Outlaw! What law?

The Thief is sneakiest unit in the game. What they lack in strength, they more than make up with cunning and sleight of hand. Thieves can fill their knapsacks with 300 gold by ransacking enemy buildings, and 1000 gold if they manage to pull off a heist on the enemy Stronghold.

Thieves can’t do this alone though! Since they’re unable to attack, they’ll need reinforcements, subterfuge and protection as they journey across the map. Let it be said that opportunity makes a thief!

The Long Ranger

A Rifleman spends their whole life training to become an expert marksman – watch out, you don’t want to be in this unit’s line of sight, lest you be blown across the map! But with limited ammo, comes great responsibility, as you’ll need to keep track of how many shots your Rifleman has left to avoid stopping to reload out in the open.

Of course, not just a pretty face, a Rifleman can be deadly when they’re desperate, landing critical hits when they’re down to their last shot.

If you’re going up against this gun-wielding unit, make sure to take cover between the trees, where their bullets won’t reach you.

In addition, the Wargroove development team reiterated that more details about the free DLC would be coming at EGX 2019, with an official stream of the content coming “soon”. We will be sure to bring more updates as they come.

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