Nexomon: Extinction Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Nexomon: Extinction Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

VEWO Interactive, the publishers of Pokemon clone Nexomon, have announced that Nexomon: Extinction is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The publishers expect Nexomon: Extinction to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2020, and it will be some time before the Switch launch in order to meet all legal, quality, and technical requirements.

Check out their full statement below:

– OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Hello Tamers! We are extremely excited to announce that Nexomon: Extinction will be coming to the Nintendo Switch! (Yes! Really!).

Long version:

We were unable to post any information until we had an official confirmation so please forgive the lack of updates over the past weeks. Our goal is to bring Nexomon to as many people as possible and this is a huge step forward in the right direction.

In order to deliver the best game possible to you and meet all technical, legal and quality requirements for the Switch we will need more time. We know many of you are eager to play now, but as a result of this, you will end up with a much better game which is ultimately our goal.

Thank you for your patience and support! We aim to launch on all platforms (PC, consoles and mobile) this year. Happy New Year!