Nintendo Answers Questions About Ring Fit Adventure’s Gameplay Length, How The Ring-Con Works, And More

Nintendo Answers Questions About Ring Fit Adventure’s Gameplay Length, How The Ring-Con Works, And More

Nintendo has published a Japanese FAQ for Ring Fit Adventure on their official website today.

The company answered some frequently asked questions about the game, such as its gameplay length, how the heart beat monitor works, how the Ring-Con detects the player’s movements, the durability of the Ring-Con, who created the workouts, and more.

Read the answers below as translated by NintendoSoup:

Q1. Is the Ring-Con durable?

A1. The Ring-Con is light yet strong thanks to the use of fiber-glass reinforced plastics in its spring. This same material is also used for aircraft and ships. Many endurance tests were conducted to test the durability of this material.

Q2. How does the Ring-Con and Leg Band detect my movements?

A2. The Ring-Con and the Joy-Con sensors register your movements into values that could be perceived by the software on Nintendo Switch. There’s a high precision sensor called the “Strength Sensor” in the Ring-Con that could detect the strength of the force pulling it, and the Joy-Con’s accelerometer and gyroscope are capable of reading your movements.

Q3. How is my heart beat measured?

A3. Your heart beat is measured through the Joy-Con’s IR Camera, which uses infrared light to measure the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. This is possible because hemoglobin could reflect infrared light back to the Joy-Con.

Q4. What kind of workouts can I try out in the game?

A4. There are over 60 different types of workouts created for this game in both Adventure Mode and Mini Game mode. The creation of these workouts were supervised by personal trainer Kaoru Matsui and yoga instructor Mika Saiki.

Q5. Can I enjoy this game even if I don’t really exercise?

A5. You can adjust the intensity of the workouts depending on your lifestyle. There are 30 different intensity levels to choose from, and depending on the level, the required amount of force to pull the Ring-Con and the difficulty of the game will be adjusted accordingly.

Q6. How long can I play this game for?

A6. There’s enough content to play this game for 3 months if you play it for at least 30 minutes a day. There are over 20 worlds and over 250 courses and various modes to enjoy even after you beat Adventure mode.

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