Nintendo Has No New First-Party Titles To Announce For 3DS

Nintendo Has No New First-Party Titles To Announce For 3DS

Earlier this week, Nintendo pledged to continue supporting the 3DS amidst declining sales. However, it seems things may not be looking too good for the handheld behind the scenes.

According to a statement from a Nintendo spokesperson, Nintendo has “nothing new to announce” with regards to first-party software titles for the 3DS. Instead, it seems that any new games for the console will be strictly third party.

“We have nothing new to announce regarding first-party software for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. We can confirm that new software is coming from third-party publishers.”

These comments explain the suspicious lack of new first-party 3DS titles in Nintendo’s financial briefing, and why they mainly focused on the console’s existing library with regards to supporting it.

With a lack of strong new first-party titles in the pipeline, its hard to see how Nintendo is actually “supporting” the 3DS in any meaningful way. It seems that despite their attempts to frame otherwise, Nintendo may indeed be starting to slowly phase out the the handheld after its many years on the market.

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