Nintendo Is Opening In Israel Soon

Nintendo Is Opening In Israel Soon

Good news to fans living in Israel – after many years, Nintendo is about to set up an official presence in Israel.

The official Nintendo Israel website has been set up, informing visitors that Nintendo will soon spread its wings to Israel. With an official presence, customers can expect to purchase official Nintendo products, receive after-sales support, and much more. They are also looking for Nintendo ambassadors at this time.

Here is the message from the website:

Nintendo is coming to Israel and you’re invited to join the family.It’s finally happening! Nintendo is coming to Israel with official imports of the gaming line and finally launch the console that’s swiping away the world – Nintendo Switch. The Switch allows you to play your favorite games anywhere with anyone. Play in TV mode with a big screen, and then play anywhere with tablet mode.

We want to make you smile – and that’s official!

With official imports, first you can enjoy local customer support, receive the latest news about the social medias, discover and buy through our site, and join the most joyful community there is!

We have a lot to tell…

Want to be first to become Nintendo ambassadors? To know when it’s all happening and when? To receive details about the launch? Sign the form and we’ll take care of the rest

Visit the official site here.