Nintendo Shares Ways Of Using Super Mario Odyssey’s Snapshot Mode

Nintendo Shares Ways Of Using Super Mario Odyssey’s Snapshot Mode

In the latest Nintendo Treehouse Log update, Nintendo shares a few ways of taking creative, cute, and funny snapshots in Super Mario Odyssey.

Check out the full update below, and tell us what kind of snapshots you’d like to take next week!

Welcome back! Sam here with another round of images that I created using the Super Mario Odyssey game’s Snapshot Mode. Hope you like ’em!

Portrait of a Greedy Octopus

I like taking pictures of Mario with big obstacles, creatures, and enemies that I expect he’s going to have to tackle as I work my way through a kingdom. It’s like I’m creating a scrapbook—I can look back at my shots later and reminisce about all the crazy stuff that Mario, Cappy, and I got up to together over the course of our adventure. Like that octopus fellow off in the distance? First time I saw him, I knew he was going to be trouble.

The same shot, first with no filter and then with the Black and White filter. I love how vibrant the first feels, but really dig how ominous he looks in the second.

This was a shot for which I had to secure some extra elevation. While you can control a lot of your camera’s positioning with Snapshot Mode’s tools, there are limits, and sometimes you need to get Mario nice and high to get the shot you want. In this case, a nearby beachside cliff did the trick. I spent a while adjusting the angles to get this shot’s composition just where I wanted it before taking the shot. I love how the ends of his little tentacles are just peeking out over the edge of the glass.

Comparing the second shot of this set with the New Donk Noir shot in my last post, you can see how the Black and White filter can be used to achieve some quite dramatic effects.

Siesta with a Snuggly Shiverian

OK, so there’s cute, and then there’s weapons-grade, industrial-strength cute. Sharp-eyed viewers of our last Nintendo Direct caught sight of the Shiverian locals during a sweeping pan over a snow-bound race track. Here’s a closer look, because I love you all and I want you to be able to bask in this warmth. The residents of Shiveria are ridiculously cute. They are also ridiculously fun to photograph.

You look at this beautiful, giant fluffy marshmallow and then you tell me you wouldn’t move heaven and earth and rob banks and topple empires for him. I DARE YOU.

To snag this shot, I popped Mario into some cold-weather gear to stop him from shivering and encourage him to relax, then placed him near this Shiverian. One of Mario’s idle animations eventually takes him off to dreamland, so I waited patiently for a couple of yawns and then…zzzz…off to sleep he went. As soon as Mario was napping I hopped into Snapshot Mode, popped on the Blur filter to soften the reflection off the snow a bit, and moved the camera around so I could get a top-down shot. I messed around with the camera rotation on this one a lot, but I’m really happy with how the shot turned out. I turned on the full-color logo in the upper left corner for an extra splash of color. A black-and-white version of the logo is also available and can be set in any corner too.

OK, now that’s really it from me. Lots more work to get done before this game launches, so I’ve got to put my shutterbug hobby aside for a bit. But I really hope this little bit of extra info got you as excited for this feature as I am!

—Sam R.