Nintendo Switch Is Canada’s Best Selling Game Console In 2017

Nintendo Switch Is Canada’s Best Selling Game Console In 2017

Besides conquering the sales charts in the United States and Japan, the Nintendo Switch appears to be the best selling game console in Canada in 2017.

The Switch has sold 209,000 units in Canada, followed closely by PS4 at 205,000 units. What’s more amazing is that in September 2017, Nintendo platforms contributed 73% of console sales in Canada, which is 115,000 units of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Super NES Classic Edition consoles.

Here’s what Nintendo Canada General Manager Paul Trepanier has to say about the success of the Switch.

It’s definitely been a complete change of fortune and direction, from a business perspective, for Nintendo. We have had a lot of gaming experiences that have succeeded in the essence of making people smile. At the heart of it, it is very simple universal game mechanics that any kid or kid at heart can jump in and enjoy.

In any universe, the launch of a new Mario is a big game. The launch of a Zelda game is an even bigger deal. We’ve had two in a launch year, so yes, that was a strategically critical decision to build these two pillars. That momentum and demand for the platform has resulted in third parties saying ‘I’ll make some games for this, too.’