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South Korea | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Switch Harder To Find Than Face Masks In South Korea

Nintendo Switch Harder To Find Than Face Masks In South Korea

As you know, the Nintendo Switch is currently suffering from shortages all over the world as more people are staying home to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

South Korean publication EDaily has published a report on how bad things are in South Korea. The report claims that the Nintendo Switch is so popular that it’s become harder to find than face masks, which help to protect people from the coronavirus.

The report also states the following points:

  • Close to all 700 retailers in South Korea have stopped selling the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition, and those who do are offering them out through lotteries.
  • A retailer which restocked 3 units of the Nintendo Switch in Seoul attracted a crowd of 600 people.
  • The suggested retail price for the Nintendo Switch is 360,000 won in South Korea (about USD295), and due to the high demand prices have soared to 800,000 won – 1,000,000 won (USD656 – USD820).
  • As face masks are also in shortage in South Korea, the day where face masks are replenished is being called “5 face masks day”. Some have also coined the term “should be able to buy 5 Nintendo Switch systems day” when the Switch is restocked.

EDaily also suggested that the reason behind the console’s popularity is because of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which everyone has gone crazy about due to the current coronavirus situation.

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