Nintendo Switch Online Receives “Missions And Rewards” Feature

Nintendo Switch Online Receives “Missions And Rewards” Feature

Nintendo has launched a new special feature for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

The new “Missions And Rewards” feature will allow players to earn various rewards by using specific Switch Online services such as by playing compatible games, backing up save data, and using the Switch Online app. Players can earn Platinum Points from completing these “missions”, as well as redeem these points for unique user-icon customizations.

  1. Use Nintendo Switch Online services and complete missions!
    1. You can complete missions by using Nintendo Switch Online services, like playing games that use online play or Save Data Cloud services.
  2. Open the Nintendo Switch Online application to get Platinum Points!
    1. You can collect Platinum Points from this application after you’ve completed a mission. Platinum Points expire though, so remember to use them! You can view how many points you have under Platinum Points.
  3. Redeem Platinum Points for rewards!
    1. You can redeem Platinum Points for user-icon elements, which are member-exclusive rewards. There are three types of elements: characters, frames, and backgrounds. Combine these elements to create your own original user icons.

Missions and rewards will rotate weekly, and the ones currently available can be found below:


  • Play Software That Supports Online Play (1): One game per week [30 Platinum Points]
  • Back Up Save Data: Once per week [20 Platinum Points]
  • Play NES: Featured Title | Super Mario Bros. [50 Platinum Points]
  • Use This Application (Nintendo Switch Online): Once per week [20 Platinum Points]


Available until 4/3:

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