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22% Faster Than PS4 In The US In Their First 21 Months | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Switch Selling 22% Faster Than PS4 In The US In Their First 21 Months

Nintendo Switch Selling 22% Faster Than PS4 In The US In Their First 21 Months

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has pointed out a few interesting tidbits about Nintendo Switch sales in the United States.

As you probably already know, Nintendo Switch was the bestselling console in the US in December 2018, beating both PS4 and Xbox One by 125% and 92% in sales respectively. For a December month, the Switch generated the highest hardware dollar sales in 2018 since the Wii did in December 2009, and sold the highest number of software units for any platform since December 2010.

Besides being the bestselling console in the US for the whole of 2018, Switch hardware unit and dollar sales were the highest annual total for any hardware platform since the PS4 in December 2015.

When comparing the first 21 months of the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, the Switch install base is about 22% higher than the PS4, and 34% higher than the Xbox One. As of December 2018, the Switch has already sold 10.5 million units in the US, a 16% increase from the 5.6 million systems it moved in 2017.

Looks like the Switch has achieved so many milestones in the span of 21 months, and it definitely has a bright future ahead.

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