Nintendo Tokyo Exclusive Crossing Splatoon Merch Revealed

Nintendo Tokyo Exclusive Crossing Splatoon Merch Revealed

Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed that its Nintendo Tokyo store at Shibuya would open up on 22 November 2019. So far, we’ve been reporting on oodles of awesome Zelda, Animal Crossing, and more goodies that will be at the store – but it looks like the selection is only going to get better!

This time, the company revealed that store will also feature cool accessories and apparel based on the Splatoon franchise. The product line will even include an actual skateboard deck with amazing Splatoon designs on it!

You can check out a translated preview of the merch below (numbers on image correspond to list):

1. Scarf towel (1,500 yen)

2. Face towel (1,200 yen)

3. Mascot – Inkling/Octoling (850 yen each)

4. Skateboard deck (12,000 yen)

5. Cap (3,600 yen)

6. T-shirt (3,000 yen)

7. Messenger bag (5,500 yen)

8. Shoebox-style storage box (800 yen)

9. Can Badge Set (1,200 yen)

10. Wristband (850 yen)

11. Stainless steel bottle (2,700 yen)

12. Curing tape (850 yen each)

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