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1gl, w9, 5cn, pc, r, 4bn, e06, kk, k8, Nintendo Was Not Interested In Revealing Ikaruga's Switch Port In A Direct | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Was Not Interested In Revealing Ikaruga’s Switch Port In A Direct

Nintendo Was Not Interested In Revealing Ikaruga’s Switch Port In A Direct

Ikaruga is getting a port for the Nintendo Switch and fans of the classic arcade shooter can’t be more happy about it.

However, some fans were disappointed that the game was not revealed as part of a Nintendo Direct but instead by Nicalis themselves. Commenting on Twitter, @Admiravet said that it felt like a missed opportunity for Nintendo to promote the game. In which Nicalis replied that they offered the game to be presented on a Direct but Nintendo of America just wasn’t interested in doing so.

Still, this does not stop the game from coming out later this month on 29 May 2018. You can check out the game’s eShop page here.