Obelus Developers Talks Their Reason To Develop For The Switch

Obelus Developers Talks Their Reason To Develop For The Switch

When developers of side-scrolling game Obelus made the promise to prioritise the Nintendo Switch over other consoles for their Fig crowdfunding, Nintendo fans everywhere rejoiced slightly.

In an interview with 4Colorrebellion, James Barnard from Springloaded talked about why they decided to put their game on the Switch. Citing that the team were just big fans of the console, and that the submission process with Nintendo was a lot simpler than before, the team thought that the Switch would be the best platform for Obelus.

4cr: The game, if funded, will be releasing on Steam and Switch, with potential stretch goals for releasing on other consoles. Why did you focus on the Nintendo Switch?

We are just big fans of the console, while we don’t know what the sales of the system will look like in a year, I think it’s the home for indie games. It’s like the Vita, but more powerful and still offers the rich TV experience with the convenience of the handheld mode. While I can imagine a “SwitchXL” and various other things coming out in the future, it’s currently my most played console of the three for indie games. Also, we might add a couch co-op horde mode, which would be great on the go with your friends.

We also are very comfortable with the hardware and the submission process. Submitting to Nintendo is pretty straightforward (a lot easier than in the past), and they also employ IARC for age ratings, which saves developers a lot of pain (and expense) making it easier for us to bring our games to market.

Mostly though, I picked Nintendo Switch because I am a Nintendo fanboy at heart!

Obelus is now up on Fig and as of writing is about 40% funded out of the $50,000 that is required to fund the development. Do head down here to support them if you’re interested in Obelus.