Official iQue Website Updated After 6 Years

Official iQue Website Updated After 6 Years

iQue’s official website has finally been given a fresh coat of paint after 6 years. In case you’re unaware, iQue is Nintendo’s official subsidiary in China.

Before the major update, visitors coming to iQue’s official website were greeted by a landing page for iQue 3DS XL. This is no longer the case, as the first thing that appears on iQue’s home page is a brief overview about the company, jobs, news, and products iQue released since its conception to 2012.

The new site no longer states that iQue is a joint venture between Nintendo and Dr. Wei Yen. Instead, iQue is now described as an official subsidiary of Nintendo, handling development and localization of Nintendo Switch games.

Although the company is no longer active in bringing new video game consoles to the market, it still maintains official support services for iQue 3DS XL, iQue DSi XL, and older devices. It’s to early to tell whether the update to iQue’s site is an indication of Nintendo releasing the Switch to China through iQue. We highly doubt that would be the case.

Visit the official site.