Owlboy Possibly Getting Physical Release For Nintendo Switch

Owlboy Possibly Getting Physical Release For Nintendo Switch

Critically acclaimed platformer, Owlboy, may see a physical release when it releases for the Nintendo Switch.

Though there is no confirmed date of release yet, UK tabloid, The Mirror, claims that Owl Boy will see a physical retail release soon.

Owlboy, a critically-acclaimed adventure-platformer currently available on Steam, is set to receive a physical retail release.

Published by SOEDESCO, who are known for bringing digital-only indie games to store shelves, Owlboy should make for a pretty shelf piece for collectors and gamers alike.

The specific platforms and release date are yet to be announced, but given the game’s current platform releases, it’s fair to make assumptions.

Of course, anything the Mirror says should be taken with a pinch of salt. The developers, D-Pad Studios, have yet to announce anything as of yet but hopefully, they will grace us with some news before the year ends. You can view the full Mirror article here.