Paladins Now Supports Motion Controls On Nintendo Switch

Paladins Now Supports Motion Controls On Nintendo Switch

In the latest Version 1.8 update, Hi-Rez has implemented motion controls for Paladins on Nintendo Switch, following the footsteps of Fortnite.

With motion controls, you can now move the camera by physically moving around your Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The motion control sensitivity for the X-axis and Y-axis can be adjusted to your liking.

See the full details below:

Switch and PS4 Players may now activate Gyro Control functionality in the Controls section of the Options Menu! Gyro is the next level of player-to-game interface and has strong advantages over the traditional console control scheme. The range of motion and responsiveness of a players wrists outclasses that of a players thumbs, a fact that Gyro controls makes apparent once a player is accustomed to the mechanics. Paladins is the first multiplayer game to support Gyro Controls on PlayStation 4!

  • Gyro Control Functionality
    • Allows the player to move their camera by physically moving the game controller
    • The sensitivity of Gyro Controls allows players to easily fine-tune their aim
    • Players trying Gyro Controls for the first time should be patient and play many matches to develop their reflexes and aiming capability
    • Experienced users may adjust their X and Y axis Gyro sensitivity