Perception on Nintendo Switch “A Total Remaster”

Perception on Nintendo Switch “A Total Remaster”

Players who have played the adventure single player game, Perception, when it launched on the PC earlier this year would have another reason to purchase the game again on the Nintendo Switch. On top of the portability of the Nintendo Switch, developers of Perception said that the game’s release is a total remaster.

In an interview with 4cr, The Deep End Games said that the game will have new modes, voice and dialogue, warning system and so on.

4cr: What are the changes being introduced for the Nintendo Switch version right from the start, which will also be making their way to the other versions of the game?

It’s a total remaster! We have added new modes – Story mode (a walking sim) and Scary mode (higher stakes)-, new voice and dialogue, streamlined story, a new warning system, the works! It’s so exciting to see people’s reactions to the changes.

Looks like Nintendo Switch players are not going to miss out on any fun despite being released later than PC and other consoles. Perception is now released for the Nintendo Switch, and if you would like to read more on 4cr’s interview with The Deep End Games, you can head on here.